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Men's Bible Study

Most men sleep in on Saturday mornings. After all, they’ve earned it. After a long week of work and tending to families, it’s the only morning they can claim for themselves.

But some men are different. Some men choose to spend their Saturday mornings hanging out with Jesus, in the company of other men, men they’ve come to experience as brothers and Live out what it means to be the church body.

They start with coffee and genuine male fellowship around a coffee pot named “R2D2,” move to a sit-down breakfast that often calls for seconds, and then turn the ears of their hearts to hear what Jesus has to say to them through the pages of the Bible. No study themes here, and no modern writers—just Jesus and the Bible.

This is Grace Anglican Community’s Saturday Men’s Breakfast and Bible study located at the church. Coffee’s on at 7:30; food’s shared at 8:00; reading/discussion starts at 8:30; all done at 9:30. All in all two hours max—two hours that can pay rich dividends to any man who wants more out of life than just what he can see and grab.

Bring a Bible, your curiosity, and your desire to grow bigger in God’s ways.  Never dull, never any homework, never any rush.

For more information, contact Bill Russell.