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Adult Forum

Bible-Adult Sunday school-teaching
Adult Forum is a place of conversation, learning and growth.  Our topics are designed to encourage and help people at any stage of their faith journey. The goal is usable Christian education that can be applied to our daily lives.

In Adult Forum, we explore subjects such as Faith to move Mountains, Life in the Spirit, Prayer, How to Read the Bible, The Prophets and Prophecy, The Book of Esther and more. Courses can include lecture, group discussion, and video presentations. The teaching staff includes Bob Henson, Bill Russell, Rita Lanham and Bill Barr. 

This summer we are trying out a new experimental online study of the Book of Ephesians. Look below for a invitation to join the series. Click Here for the Study

Ephesians-online bible study-blog-forum

“The Letter to the Ephesians is one of the most significant documents ever written.” You must admit, that is quite a claim. Should we agree with the writer who made this statement, or should we disagree? Do we know enough about this New Testament book to say? Have we even read Ephesians?

If the boldness of this statement arouses your curiosity, then consider joining a few of us as we take the summer of 2019 to journey to Ephesus. All you need is your Bible, a computer or phone with access to the Internet, and a willingness to engage with others who want to know more about what the author of Ephesians has to say.

Each Sunday you will receive a link to the “blog spot” on Grace Anglican’s web site. There you’ll find a prayer to help you get going, a passage to read and “chew on,” and some questions to engage your heart and mind with the contents of this New Testament book.

You take it from there. The Grace blog spot allows you to post comments, answers, and further questions as you interact with the others who are making the journey with you.

We start Sunday, May 19 and will finish up Saturday, August 25. Contact Bill Russell at bill@graceanglicankaty.com if you want to come along. 

Life really is a journey meant to be shared. Join us this summer and decide for yourself: is Ephesians the most significant document ever written?