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Grace Anglican’s Men in Action


Grace Anglican’s Men’s Ministry helps men to:

  • Grow in Christ by reading and feeding on God’s Word
  • Serve with Christ those in need in our community

(To learn more about how to Grow in Christ, click here)

Have a desire to Serve with Christ? Here’s what it takes:

First, you must be a man. Sorry, no gals, and only supervised teen sons allowed! Grace’s MIA is a men-only ministry. Age doesn’t matter—young, middle-aged, or senior citizen! Size doesn’t matter—small, medium, or XXXL! Hair doesn’t matter—full head, receding hairline, or au natural! Everyone in the MIA gets a special MAN NAME—so, sorry, no ladies allowed.

Second, you must be a man who is no stranger to work! Grace’s MIA meets to serve others through service work and male fellowship. Here are the things we do:

  • Cook for Kids! … we gather to cook a breakfast for Soul in the City every summer
  • Grill for Grace! … we man the grills for Picnics and flip flapjacks for Shrove Tuesday
  • Mow for Singles! … we mow, edge, and sweep yards for Single Women in need of help
  • Feed the Homeless! … we fix/serve meals to the homeless through Katy’s Hope Impacts
  • And more! … as Jesus tells us

Third, Grace Men in Action are always encouraged to attend Grace’s Men’s Bible Study and become regular readers of the Bible (see Grow in Christ). Service with Christ (the “foot-washing bowl” in our logo) rests best on the pages of God’s Word, the Bible. MIAs who join the MBS gain greater

  • Faith … that grows with time!
  • Character … that matures through head growth, heart growth, and spirit growth!
  • Relationships … that become permanent if you want them

Here’s how MBS does it:

  • Prayer … that is genuine, from the heart, said in trust and confidence
  • Bible Study … no videos – nothing but Bible: word by word, story by story, book by book
  • Jesus … always with us, just as he promised!
  • Holy Spirit … the real teacher in the room, working deep in us

Grace Anglican Men’s Ministry wants to help grow genuine disciples who will glorify God in all that they do. So, join us—let’s show the world the God who loves us and them!

Interested? Two ways to proceed: 

  1. MIA – watch the weekly bulletin for service opportunities and times, then come on down!
  2. MBS – most every Saturday morning (7:30) at Grace, 8:00 on Zoom (see Grow in Christ)


Join Jesus and his disciples to spread the good news through good work that Jesus makes easy and helps others who are with us or who just might join us on the Way.


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