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Adult Forum: Galatians

Every Sunday until June 2, 2024

9:15am – 10:15am

Join Teaching Pastor Bill Russell to spend the Adult Forum Sundays of the first two seasons of 2024 reading through St. Paul’s letter to the Galatian churches of the 1st century. In this letter, St. Paul expresses the height of both his passionate love for Jesus Christ and his ire with his Galatian converts for considering there is another way to live a life pleasing to God than through Jesus Christ, and him crucified.'

It’s all there, and we’ll devote our time together to explore St. Paul’s teaching as best we can in 20 Sundays.

Hesitant? Gal 2:20 sets a foundation for followers of Jesus. In it, St. Paul confesses that the life he led as Saul of Tarsus ended when he encountered our glorified Lord on the road to Damascus. All he seeks to do in this letter is to help his Galatian converts to see as best they can what he saw in that incredible moment and to encourage them to enter this new way of being human as he had.

There is no way to the Father other than through Jesus Christ the Son—no way. Scandalous? To be sure—but true.

Join us as we strive to enter that same way of being. 

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