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James 3:13-18

This is a reflection on the lesson that was taught for youth on Friday. To start please reread James 3:13-18. Feel free to use this reflection individually or  do this as a family, take notes, write down questions about the passage, and really take some time for you and God. I hope this will bless you in these uncertain times. Feel free to ask questions

James 3:13-18 Hint: Use context clues ;)

  1. What is Wisdom?
  2. Where do you get your wisdom or advice for whatever you are going through?
  3. What are the charateristics of wisdom not from above?
  4. What are the charateristics of wisdom from above?
  5. Who can you think of that fits these characteristics?
  6. What sticks out to you about these characteristics?Why?
  7. Can you think of people in the bible that had such characteristics and how they used wisdom? I'll go ahead and give you a gimme answer, Jesus.
  8. So in the end why is important that you get wisdom from the right place?

So James changes the thinking here, wisdom, is not merely intellectual but it behavioral as well. These characteristics that James brings up are not intellectual characteristics but characteristics of action. So how does that change our perspective? How does that help us determine who is wise? You'll find your answers when you look at Jesus.