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James 3:1-12

This is a reflection on the lesson that was taught for youth on Friday. To start please reread James 3:1-12. Feel free to use this reflection individually or  do this as a family, take notes, write down questions about the passage, and really take some time for you and God. I hope this will bless you in these uncertain times. Feel free to ask questions

James 3:1-12 Hint: Use context clues ;)

  1. What all can words do?
  2. Why are words so powerful?
  3. What power do words give the tongue then?
  4. How is the tongue like a bit in a horse’s mouth?
  5. How is it like the rudder of a ship?
  6. How is it like a fire?
  7. Do you think we can truely tame the tongue? (v.8)
  8. How would a person do this?
  9. If you tried to tame your speaking habits, how would you go about it?

So words are powerful and so is the creator of those words the tongue. Think back to every interaction you had today, how did you use words in each of those circumstances? Were they uplifting or did they tear someone down? Were they words of wisdom or words that mislead? Start praying on how God can help you tame your tongue. How you can use your words for purpose and raise up the people of God.