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James 2:14-26

This is a reflection on the lesson that was taught for youth on Friday. To start please reread James 2:14-26. Feel free to use this reflection individually or  do this as a family, take notes, write down questions about the passage, and really take some time for you and God. I hope this will bless you in these uncertain times. Feel free to ask questions

James 2:14-26 Hint: Use context clues ;)

  1. Let's define terms: What is faith? What are works?
  2. Do you need both?
  3. In verse 18, we see two kinds of faith. How are they described and what makes them different?
  4. So are both needed?
  5. Who is Abraham?
  6. How did these actions demonstrate Abraham’s faith?
  7. So what came first for Abraham, faith or works? Its like the chicken and the egg but has a definitive answer.
  8. Can you think any other examples of something like this?
  9. Who was Rahab?
  10. What did she do?
  11. Since you have gone through defining the terms and seen examples, Ill ask the question again, what comes first faith or works?
  12. How do faith and works intertwine?

Reflect on your own life. Do you often do certain action just cause or do they have a purpose? Are you doing a certain thing to please God? Take a look at all of your actions today, why did you do certain things? Take a look at the week? How often does your faith in God guide your actions? Take some time in prayer to reflect on this.