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James 2:1-13

For this week I decided to change it up, this will be a reflection on the lesson that was taught for youth on Friday. To start please reread James 2:1-13. Feel free to use this reflection individually or  do this as a family, take notes, write down questions about the passage, and really take some time for you and God. I hope this will bless you in these uncertain times. Feel free to ask questions

James 2:1-13 Hint: Use context clues ;)

  1. What is partiality based on the passage? After youve taken a stab at it feel free to look it up.
  2. Is Partiality a good or bad thing? Why?
  3. How have you divided people or treated people different based on one asset of their life? How have you seen other people do it?
  4. In James 2:5–7, what does it say about the poor and the rich? Could it mean more than just monetary?
  5. Why does "Loving your neighbor as yourself" break though partiality?
  6. What is Mercy? and what is judgement?
  7. How can Mercy triumph over Judgement?

Now takes some time to think about the standards you hold others to. Are they fair? What if you were held to those stardards? What if God held you to those standards? How sucessusful would you be? Reflect in prayer, ask for mercy and thanksgiving to wonderful God we serve. Because of Good Friday and Easter we have mercy (which was last week so good timing).