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Midday Prayer


Come with us on a journey. Not a road trip but a spiritual trip… into the presence of God. Let us explain.

Whether we are aware of it or not, our minds and affections are being shaped, formed by the things we participate in throughout the day. Often, we are engaged in things unaware of this formative effect because it is the cultural "water we swim in". This is why the apostle Paul challenges us to "set your minds on things that are above" (Col. 3:2); because most of what fights for our attentions and shapes our affections is aimed away from God--on ourselves or some other cause, but not God. In order to train our minds and affections we must, like the committed athlete, surrender ourselves to formative actions and habits that bring the right kind of transformation. One such habit and action found in the Bible is God's people gathering for regular prayer and scripture reading. This was done daily, not merely one time a week.

The social distancing measures we have been forced to embrace have prevented several opportunities for face-to-face gatherings, but has also opened up the possibility for us to gather and share online. Our days and world are full of demands and uncertainties; which is all the more reason to hit pause and intentionally turn our eyes and ears heavenward. Therefore, I invite you to set your alarms and join me at 12:15pm, Monday through Friday on Grace's Facebook page for Midday Prayer. Let us intentionally stop all of the rush and hurry we find ourselves in and sit before our good Lord. He welcomes us into his loving presence to both challenge and encourage us, to shape our minds and affections for his glory and our good. But we must be intentional to participate in this great work of his. 

We look forward to seeing the way we mature in Christ and grow as a community through this intentional commitment to pray. See you Monday through Friday! 

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Do you need the Liturgy for Midday Prayer?

All the liturgy will be on the screen, but if you want to follow along in your own Book of Common Prayer it is on page 33.

Here is one of our recent Midday Prayer