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Krause Children's Center

At Krause Children’s Center in Katy, the lives of hundreds of girls, ages 12 to 17, are changed in remarkable ways. The children of Krause have been removed from their homes or foster placements for a variety of reasons, most due to histories of severe abuse or neglect. Krause is a safe setting, where the kids can relax, focus on learning, and engage in their healing process through in-depth clinical therapy, personal development activities, and spiritual care.

Daily living at Krause Children’s Center is geared toward helping the children live their lives to the fullest. The approach is supportive and nonjudgmental. Here, troubled young lives begin to heal from the past, enjoy life in the present, and create a hopeful future. We understand what’s at stake and we commit every possible method  and resource to our young residents’ recovery.

Krause staff evaluates and addresses social, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of each child to provide individual, family and group therapy through an individualized program.

Grace Anglican Community supports Krause Children’s Center by collecting school supplies in the fall and gift cards for Christmas. We conduct event days that utilize various arts and crafts. And, individuals from our church work directly with the girls through the Center’s mentoring and surrogate programs. Our church loves supporting the girls in any way possible.

For more information on Krause Children’s Center please visit their website, or contact Diane Covert.