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Adult Forum: Deeper Discipleship

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Every Sunday until December 13, 2020

7:00am – 7:20am

Category: Adult Forum | Coordinator: Bill Russell

Our Fall Curriculum this year is: 

"Deeper Discipleship"

Do you want more of God in your life? Do you want to get closer to Jesus as you live out your days?

If so, you’re a disciple! … just like the first ones! Jesus has excited a desire in your heart to follow him, hear what he has to say, heal you of the ills of this life, and show you how to live a life that pleases God the Father and feeds his sheep!

Grace Anglican’s Sunday Adult Forum is THE place for disciples this fall and next spring.

Starting Sunday, Sep 13, take in our series of 27 lessons that will encourage and strengthen your discipleship, and give you tools and techniques to help you on the way!

We’ll start with 14 sessions on what a deeper discipleship offers, and the major obstacles that lie in a disciple’s path.

Then we’ll take you through 13 sessions on ways the Church has honed to help followers of Jesus move closer to God.  Nothing new here—just 2,000 years of experience that works!

These sessions will run through the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2021. Along the way we’ll invite you to join a “covenant” group that will help you practice the disciplines and keep up your commitment. Following Jesus has always been a group exercise. Your “covenant” group will keep you close to Jesus and to others who like you are on this exciting journey called Christian discipleship.

Our material will be delivered through YouTube each Sunday by 7 teachers. Each session takes about 20 minutes, and you can replay it or any previous session as often as you like. Click Here for our YouTube channel.

Plus, you’ll have access to our “Deeper Discipleship” Facebook group to ask questions and discuss topics with the teachers and others taking the course. Click Here to join.

The only cost—$4.00 for some teaching material delivered to your email, and your time.

If you take this offering seriously and practice the disciplines, we think you will be amazed at how your faith in God and his peace that is already within you will grow.

To join us: email Bill Russell at bill@graceanglicankaty.com with your email address. Just say “I’m in, Bill!”

To pay for the materials:

  1. Send a check to 24968 Katy Ranch Road, Unit 100, Katy TX 77494.
  2. Or—much easier—text “Give” to (844) 285-9563) and follow the instructions to pay for the Deeper Discipleship (Requires a credit/debit card number or banking information.)

So, join us on the way to a Deeper Discipleship. Let the Son deepen your roots to bear more fruit to God’s glory!

You will neverever regret it!

Our Teaching Schedule

  1. September 13 Centered on Christ: Joey Alge
  2. September 20 The Purpose Part 2: Luke Kunefke
  3. September 27 The Purpose Part 3: Luke Kunefke
  4. October 4 The Problem Part 1: Bob Henson
  5. October 11 The Problem Part 2: Bill Russell
  6. October 18 The Problem Part 3: Cindi Dubbs
  7. October 25 The Provision Part 1: Cindi Dubbs
  8. November 1 The Provision Part 2: Joey Alge
  9. November 8 The Provision Part: Mikah Alge
  10. November 15 The Pursuit Part 1: Rita Lanham
  11. November 29 The Pursuit Part 2: Rita Lanham
  12. December  6 The Pursuit Part 3: Mikah Alge
  13. December 13 Summary: Cindi Dubbs
  14. December 20 Invitation: Bob Henson