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How to read the Bible

What is the bible?

  • A book about God
  • each page boldly and clearly reveals who God is on every page
  • we usually approach the bible seeking answers for ourself, think who am I, or what should I do, or what is my purpose
  • we try to implant ourselves on every page
  • Bible is our burning bush-Jen wilkins, it is God revealing himself to us
  • through the Lens of who God is we learn about ourselves
  • the heart cannot love what the mind does not know

How to Read the Bible in a simplistic way

Step 1 pray

Step 2 read passage twice

Step 3 ask these questions

  1. Restate what is happening
  2. why does matter as we head towards the cross? How does this point back to the cross?
  3. what does this say about God?
  4. what does this say about the Jesus?
  5. what does this say about the Holy Spirit?

Step 4 pray


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