Our Worship Style

What to Expect

We Are Like Most Churches…

Most churches in the Katy area do a good job of welcoming guests and first time visitors.  That means that almost any church you visit will give you a warm greeting, provide a safe place for infants and toddlers as well as offer programming for children.  You will be encouraged to dress casually or not – your choice.  You can expect messages designed to be relevant and applicable to your life.  The music will be engaging.

At Grace Anglican Community, we offer all those things.

Then Again, We Aren’t…

What sets us apart on Sunday morning is our style of worship.

Like the human race, worship has many faces and forms.  Our form of worship is known as liturgical worship.  The word liturgy (or liturgical) is seldom used outside of churches.  Literally, the term means “the work of the people”.  Liturgical worship, therefore, is something that is done rather than observed.

In our worship, you will be a participant, not a spectator.    While we are led in the liturgy by the “celebrant” and the music group, everyone is invited to take part.

Although liturgical worship is highly structured, there is also freedom.  During the service some people will bow at certain times while others will kneel.  Some people will make the sign of the cross, close their eyes or even use sign language.  These outward expressions are encouraged as long as they originate from the heart and don’t interfere with the worship of those nearby.

The most important participant is God himself.  By its very nature, liturgical worship provides multiple avenues through which the Spirit of God can touch the worshipper.  When entered into with a willing heart, those who seek God in the service can find him.

We invite you to experience the riches and depth that our worship style offers.