Our Logo

If you travel to England, Scotland or Wales, you might encounter a wayside cross.  Since medieval times, wayside crosses have been placed beside roads and paths to mark direction for religious pilgrims.  They also served as a sort of “Christian rest stop” where travelers could take a break from their journey and pray.  Our logo, as well as our processional cross, was inspired by these crosses.

Wayside crosses remind us that life is a journey.   It begins when we do and it continues into eternity.  We believe, further, that the most important part of the journey is our spiritual journey.  Grace Anglican Community exists to help people take each step along The Way.  Hence, the pathway and the cross.

Because of their age, wayside crosses are generally weathered and worn.  It is hard to depict in a logo, but the wayside cross speaks of a faith that has stood the test of time. Such is the faith that we proclaim, a faith that will sustain us through the sunny days and through the storms of life.

A beautiful photo of a wayside cross can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/argentem/6790514699/in/pool-1068319@N22.

The fonts used in the logo also tell a story.

The word “Grace” is in an older looking font.  It reminds us that ours is a faith rooted and grounded in the events of history.  The words “Grace Anglican Community” are in a more modern font.  This indicates that we will communicate this ancient, historic faith in fresh, contemporary language.